ac-1With summer on the way, you'll probably get at least one painful electric bill thanks to your air conditioner. While you've probably been looking for ways to make your air conditioner run more efficiently and reduce your energy bill in general, there might be a few things you've missed.   heater-1Make Sure Your Heating System is Off It may sound obvious, but there are still a large number of homeowners who can't figure out why they're having trouble with their cooling system until someone points out that their heater is kicking on as soon as their air conditioner cools their home. If you have separate heating and cooling systems, make sure that your heater is off for the winter. Don't Shop for Appliances on Price Alone When you buy an appliance, the cheaper appliances will usually use more energy. Now you may have done the math and figured out that the electricity savings of the more efficient model don't justify the higher cost. You shouldn't stop there, though. More efficient appliances are also usually better insulated. That means heat producing appliances like ovens and dishwashers won't be adding as much heat into your home and forcing your air conditioner to run more. Make Sure Your Vents Aren't Blocked Most homes have their air conditioning vents in the ceiling, but you should still make sure that tall bookshelves or hanging decorations aren't keeping the cool air from circulating throughout your room. If there's a strong breeze from an air conditioner hitting an object, it's probably a sign that you need to move it farther away from the vent. A more common problem is in multiple-story homes that have the upstairs vents in the floor. You may be tempted to move a piece of furniture to hide an ugly vent or just unthinkingly block a vent during the winter. However, remember that heat rises, so floor vents are already reducing your cooling efficiency. Pay close attention to making sure that the air can blow across the room freely when it comes out of these vents. ac-3Keep Your Air Filters Clean This one makes the list even though it's constantly preached, because many homeowners still forget to do it. Dirty air filters can greatly reduce the flow of air throughout your home and make your air conditioner run longer and harder. Mark your calendar with the day you need to replace your air filter and follow through. Need more help bringing down your cooling costs? Contact a local air conditioning contractor today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orange Book Advertisers Can Keep Your Air Conditioning System in Tip-Top Shape air conditioning services poway Air Conditioning Services in Poway Air conditioning heating and solar  

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