SENIORS:  Today's Power Generation

For many the old adage “age is a state of mind” sounds like an attempt to make the inevitable more palatable. But, today, this concept is more relevant than we dared imagine. Today’s seniors are living fuller, more active, more meaningful, and more powerful lives than, perhaps, any previous generation. With somewhere between 75 and 78 million Americans in their ranks, today’s seniors have not been a sit-back-and-wait kind of people. If anything, aging has made that approach to life even less attractive. We are competitive, self-assured, resourceful, independent, and focused with a strong work ethic and a penchant for getting things done. Our generation has been a major force in the world. We have transformed the make-up of the American family and workforce, reshaped social norms, and created an entirely new notion of consumerism. We have redefined each phase of our life as we have lived it and there is no reason to think we will be any less transformitive as we enter our so-called “golden years”. In short, today’s seniors are expected to revolutionize what it means to age in America. Because of the miracles of modern medicine, not only are we expected to live longer than any generation before us but we are expected to remain healthier, more vibrant and more active than any previous generation, as well. That means we will continue to seek opportunities to be physically engaged in the world around us. We will be walking, hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, skiing, surfing, and, of course, dancing! This senior generation is also more educated than any previous generation. By comparison to our parents and grandparents, we are 4 to 5 times more likely to have earned a college degree and to have held a white-collar job. This means that we are entering into our senior years with more knowledge and a deeper, more transferable skill base. We are significantly more prepared than previous generations to be actively engaged in our own physical, emotional and mental well-being. By-and-large, we are also a more affluent generation of seniors. Significantly more likely to have lived in dual-income households that our predecessors, our generation typically has more money to spend on our “care and feeding”. A predictable outcome of our being more educated and skilled is that we are a more discerning consumer than previous generations of seniors. And, because of the size and buying power of our generation, we wield significant clout with companies who are producing products and services targeting our age group. Our buying habits certainly affect our approach to senior living and health care decisions. Because we are a generation that has created a world of consumer options, we are likely to continue to expect a wide range of choices in the quality of our surroundings, the services we desire or require, and the products we need to maintain and enhance our lifestyles. More than any senior generation coming before us, our generation knows that much of how we experience aging is within our control and will be influenced by our personal choices. We know that because we are the “can do” generation, the generation that has “reshaped” and “redefined” every step of our journey so far. For us, getting older does not necessarily mean following the same model of aging our parents followed. In fact, it is highly unlikely. What is likely is that we will, as we have done so many times before, turn existing notions on their heads and, through living active, engaged, interesting, unique and meaningful lives, dynamically redefine what it means to be older.   If you are a senior looking for a great place to put down roots, Poway should definitely be in your consideration. Wit a wide range of senior-focused services, health care facilities, living alternatives, and community building activities, Poway is a wonderful place to get active!   For more information about senior offerings visit any of the following websites: Poway Senior Center, 2-1-1 San Diego, and  City of Poway . In addition, please patronize the advertisers shown on this page as they are all dedicated to providing quality services to our senior community!